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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

The military now has caught the Ashcroft virus! The noose tightens. Remember no war has been declared except it seems on our liberties . Down the CINC hole they go. - Rejr

Military Favors a Homeland Command

The nation's top military authorities favor appointing a four-star commander to coordinate federal troops used in homeland defense, part of a broad reorganization that Pentagon officials say could change some forces' primary mission from waging war overseas to patrolling at home.

Although the Pentagon has regional commanders in chief, known as CINCs, who are responsible for Europe, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and South Asia, none exists for managing the deployment of U.S. forces in the United States. Creating one now, military officials say, would clarify the chain of command for those troops.

Any extensive use of federal troops on U.S. soil would come despite a traditional aversion to -- and legal limits on -- the use of military forces for domestic law enforcement. But the Sept. 11 attacks and the Bush administration's declared war on terrorism have blurred the distinction between foreign wars and domestic crimes and prompted a rethinking of the Pentagon's command structure and force assignments.

Source: Washington Post [full]

Thank you Kerry! You stopped your Dad from rolling over in his grave over his name
being associated with the things being done in the name of justice today via executive order and proclamation by President Bush and his administration. - Rejr

At Justice, an Unusual Balancing Act
Left and Right Converge To Honor Robert F. Kennedy

Not everybody got the be-nice memo. One RFK daughter, Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, let
loose on Bush's policies at another event before yesterday's ceremony, publicly warning her young daughter: "If anyone tries to tell you this is the type of justice your grandpa would embrace, don't you believe it."

Source: Washington Post [full]

Here's one for the rule of law Mr. Ashcroft - Rejr

November 21, 2001


A Police Force Rebuffs F.B.I. on Querying Mideast Men


The Portland, Ore., police will not cooperate with the Federal Bureau of
Investigation in its efforts to interview 5,000 young Middle Eastern men
nationwide because such questioning violates state law, the department's acting
police chief, Andrew Kirkland, said yesterday...

...Mr. Kirkland said Oregon law prohibited the local police from questioning
immigrants when they were not suspected of any crime and the only issue
under discussion was their foreign citizenship.

Source: The New York Times [full]